Display Advertising


Powerful Internet advertising targeted to the geographic area of your choice provides brand recognition and cost effective marketing for your website.


  • Targeting the viewers your ads are presented to by geography, demographics such as age, sex, or interests, or even the type of device or browser they are using.
  • Retargeting based on searches viewers have recently performed or interests based on their browsing habits which makes your impressions more effective by displaying to people who would be likely to have an interest in your products.
  • Wide range of analytics from the ad campaign such as number of impressions, click-through’s, effective cost per click, most common devices, browsers, geographic areas, most effective ad size, and most effective display times.

Powerful Traffic - Our average click through rate is 1-2% (roughly 10-20 clicks to your website for every 1000 impressions). 

The statistics make the effective cost per click of even poor performing campaigns still well below any pay-per-click advertising available and provides brand recognition in the local area you target.

We promote our Display Advertising not because it is all we do - it's just simply the most cost effective.  We prefer it over other forms of Internet advertising because it is brings real value for our customers and we are able to build extended relationships based on the return on investment we provide.

At Appafied Marketing LLC., we promote Internet Display Advertising through our LocalApp partnership as a means to augment any other forms of marketing you may already use because we feel it offers an incredibly cost effective means of creating brand recognition as well as driving customers to your website at an extremely reasonable cost.

We use a proprietary RTB (Real-Time-Bidding) advertising system, which ties into over 28 global advertising networks and display your ads on hundreds of thousands of highly popular websites. This is guaranteed to generate quality traffic for your website!