App Douglasville lists local events in a reasonable radius around your area. You can see the details of the event, its times and directions and also share the events with your friends. We feature several event categories such as concerts and tour dates, kids and families, fundraisers, outdoors and recreation, nightlife and singles, performing arts, festivals, sporting events and still many more.

App Douglasville

App Douglasville is a free local city search for your smartphone or tablet.


App Douglasville is a LocalApp product of Alabama Publishing Group and member of the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce. We at Appafied Marketing have been residents of Douglasville for over 10 years and have the sole agreement to market App Douglasville. We promote and support local business, and we are very active in our  community. Unlike the big/non-local companies that will never darken your door, we verify our listings for accuracy and are responsive to ensuring they are correct.


App Douglasville allows reviews from the people directly in the area. We have a proprietary review system that keeps junk like/unlikes from happening. You can leave a text review and also separately leave a like or an unlike. This can greatly assist in making decisions that suite your needs best.


App Douglasville

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What We Do!

Through Smart Phones, App Douglasville offers Reviews, Business Bios, Hours, Tips,
Company and Community Events, Social Media, Menus, Directions, Websites, Emails
and much more for those who are looking for local businesses. Kinda like yellow pages
without the book!


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